About Pape Village

Established in 1986, the Pape Village BIA represents over 80 businesses along Pape from Mortimer to Gamble. Strolling along Pape Avenue you can find all your day to day needs including shopping, dining, grocery, health care, fashion, bakeries and financial institutions.

The BIA works with the businesses, government and the local community to make Pape Village a good place to live, shop and do business by:

  • Acting as the voice of the community and businesses with the government.
  • Maintaining and improving the streetscape with vibrant planters, banners, street cleaning, benches and other street furniture.
  • Promoting local businesses and liaising with the community through local events, newsletters and other marketing initiatives.

The BIA is run by an elected volunteer Board and the local Councillor.

Getting to Pape Village

Pape Village is located along Pape Avenue from Mortimer Ave to North of Gamble Ave.